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Who Is Margaret's the Couture Cleaner?

A wedding dress isn't just a dress…your favorite shoes aren't just something you throw on. The designer handbag…those tailored suits…or your grandmother's vintage gown…these things are more than what they seem…they're more than just material and thread. Often they come with a story…they say something about a person…they say something about our clients. Like most things that we love, we want them to last. We want them to be as sharp and beautiful as the day we bought them.

Couture and high-end fashion needs and deserves to be cared for in the same manner they were created. It's a craft and art and, most importantly, a passion, because every stitch, button and crease, must be tended to with expertise by people meticulous in nature…artisans with a trained eye and experienced hands.

From the simple precision of a needle and thread, to understanding materials and how they react to wear, and stains and temperature…everything taken into consideration and nothing overlooked. For decades fine luxury high-end retailers have relied on us for those very things.  

At Margaret's, our patented technology, proprietary processes and blend of art and science under one roof, ensures that the things our customers hold dear are cared for through every step to the final delivery. Caring for Couture is about trust…trust that your things are in the hands of someone who understands the importance of what that handbag…or those shoes…or that dress….mean to you.

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